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re: Draigoch DPS leader guide

Draigoch Simplified DPS leader guide

Leader Prep
Mark tank and DPS leader with something nice like Cheeseball and Leaf =)
Assign groups. One group will be FM group. This will include any burglars, the dps lead, healer and anyone else that can easily do FMs (i.e. no/low induction skills, no lag issues, fat fingers, is sleepy) Other group will have Tank, healer, and rest of the group.
Set Raid Assistant. If burg has done Draig before he should def be marked as a raid assistant so that he can post the FMs as they come up. If not, anyone who's done the run before and is in FM group can do it. Preferrably it should be Burg or other Melee class as they'll be less busy during paw cycle.
Set Assist list, should include only Tanks and DPS leader
Set FM order. Burg is always first and usually leader is last. Post this list in raid chat. I also highly recommend you set it as an alias so you can spam it in chat so no one has an excuse to screw up. To do this type /alias ;<command name> <text>. example /alias ;fm 1-Huckfinn 2-Pandia 3-Hansul 4-Freshskillz 5-Jib 6-Amaryl. now when you type in chat /ra ;fm it will say 1-Huckfinn 2-Pandia 3-Hansul 4-Freshskillz 5-Jib 6-Amaryl. you can also assign it to a hotkey if you like, but in my opinion typing ;fm is simple enough.
Be prepped to switch out someone in FM group in case someone goes LD or dies and we aren't able to rez before next FM cycle. Either that or just hold off on DPSing the paws until you can rez that member.
Make sure, that any and all healers know how to run from bottom to top cave in case that you have a fatality up top and they need a rez.

Phase 1 and 2 Paw Cycle
Once group is ready, take your position on lower level cave in pile of gold at approx 9 o'clock, it's just around the bend from the ramp taking you down to lower level.
Stay stacked against the wall away from the claws to avoid damage.
There are 4 claws to take down before going to body phase. General order is Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right, Upper Left.
Every 2 minutes dragon breaks combat and breathes fire. Wait for Tanks direction command and then run that direction to next location, approx 1/4 around the circle.
Once the two bottom claws are down, take the nearest ramp up to midlevel and work on upper claws.
When on midlevel, when the dragon breathes fire, no matter which direction is called, always go left first to go down ramp, THEN the direction that was called.

Phase 1 and 2 Body cycle
When dragon hits the ground, jump off platform, staying away from fire and head towards dragon's body. Run through body so that you are facing the body and 9 o'clock. It's recommended to wait on all DPSing until both FMs are done, but that does slow down the run. Once the dragon hops up, everyone needs to head back to starting point in the caves. Once Tank/Heal team gets aggro again start claw cycle again.
Once all 12 FMs are completed, make sure to let everyone know that they should NOT fire off any more FMs and if one happens to proc, IGNORE it! It can bug the dragon and spoil your evening.

Phase 3 Final cycle
Once dragon shouts "Come out and fight me" everyone needs to leave caves and stack up underneath the base of the tail. It's very important that you stay about 20m or more away from the claws as they do massive AOE damage.
Cycle through dpsing the claws just as in phase 1 and 2, difference here though is that you can take out both back paws from same loc, then only need to move up a bit to hit front paws.
MOST IMPORTANT! you need to locate the little gray circle on the gold pile. Sometimes you need to angle up your camera to see it, but it's located beneath the base of tail and moves when dragon moves.
After 2 minutes dragon flies up and everyone including tank needs to stack up on gray spot. You will take minimal damage if stacked properly. Min being about 500-700 every 3 seconds! If not stacked, you will take much more. If you are dpsing the front paws, you should already be stacked on gray spot.
As soon as dragon lands head out towards the caves to avoid paws and then back under tail. Repeat till body drops. DPS the heck out of body. When he flies up again move out and under tail base.
Repeat until dragon's health is gone. At that point everyone needs to run into ANY cave and celebrate!
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