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re: Draigoch guide for DPS group and general guide

Draigoch Simplified guide for DPS group and general guidelines..

Standard prep here. Bring Athelas, Celebrant, scrolls, tokens, food.
Voice enabled is a must to hear movement commands. If you don't have voice enabled, you can be a liability to the whole group.
If you haven't already done so, assign your FM colors to your arrow keys, as FMs are extremely important in this run and we don't want to have any mousery mishaps.
Always, and I mean always stay perfectly stacked on DPS leader. All of Draigoch's damage is either AOE, Distributed, Instant-Death, or all of the above.
If you are in FM group, make sure you do your part to complete all 12 FMs in a timely manner.
Make sure that if any FMs pop up unintended, IGNORE THEM. also once all 12 have been completed do not activate anymore, as this can bug the dragon and ruin your evening.
If you die, wait for rez. If you retreat you can not rejoin battle.
Things that can bug Draigoch and ruin your evening.
No pets, rocks or banners allowed
No extraneous FMs. Just the 12 set up by the burglar. Any extras during or after FM cycle are to be ignored.
If anyone leaves the group and you fill a new spot, group needs to be disbanded and and instance restarted.
I've heard that if the dragon bugs, if you DPS the paws very quickly it'll wake up the braindead dragon, but this has been untested by me.

Phase 1 and 2 Paw cycle
Stay stacked on leader at all times. Paws are range/tac attacked, so if you're melee, relax a bit.
Every 2 minutes you'll have to move, listen for Tanks direction command and follow DPS lead in that direction. If you are on top paws, first you'll head left down the ramp then the called direction, so that can be a bit confusing. Just stay with DPS lead and you'll be fine.
Good DPS groups can burn 2 paws per 2 minute cycle, but it's not a race. Safety is most important.

Phase 1 and 2 Body Cycle
Once dragon falls, everyone needs to jump off ramp, avoiding fire, and run through the body then turn to face body and approx 9 o'clock. Depending on leader's command, you may not DPS until 2 FMs are completed, you may start DPSing right away.
If you are in FM group pay close attention to FM popups. You don't want to be "that guy".
Once both FMs are done, let loose with everything you've got until dragon gets up. At that point you need to immediately run into the caves and in particular back to starting point at about 9 o'clock in circle (convenient eh?) Again at all times stay stacked on leader.
Phase 2 starts at about 70% health (5million), The only difference for you in DPS group is the coinstorm. When you run from fire breath you'll be slowed and take a bit of damage. If you are not quick you will get caught in molten gold and become a new gold statue for Draigoch.

Phase 3
At start of phase 3 (50% health) everyone will jump down to floor.
Everyone will stack on DPS leader at back of tail. DPS the back 2 paws and then move forward just a bit (to the ever important gray dot) and dps the 2 front paws.
Make sure you stay closely stacked on leader and at least 20m away from paws.
every 2 minutes dragon will fly up, at that point you need to stack up on gray dot to take min damage. When he lands, run towards outer edge of gold pile (but not to caves or fire) and the clockwise to end up under tail base again.
After all 4 claws are down, move to body and give it all you've got. No FMs this time if all 12 have been completed.
Again dragon will get up, follow DPS lead around and back under the tail base.
Once the dragon's health is gone (about 3 cycles or so) he'll scream! At that point make your way into the closest cave and celebrate. You just completed Draigoch Tier 2 Challenge!
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