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re: Draigoch tank/heal guide

Draigoch Simplified Tank/Heal guide

Tank should use block or parry stance, not threat stance as he will not directly grab any threat, except in emergencies. In that case on Vexing Blow is all you'll need.
Tank must have mic and voice chat enabled to provide movement commands. Typing will not cut it.
Healer should be in heal stance, not Harmony or Warspeech. Won't be doing much healing till phase 3, but if needed, it'll have to be big. Traiting with some yellow traits to allow you to maintain 2-3 anthems will speed up Phase 3.

Phase 1 (Move Opposite)
Tank takes position at treasure chest located on ledge at approx 7 o'clock.
Healer takes position within healing range of tank, but out of LOS of dragon head. Generally there is a pile of gold against wall to mark good places to stand.
When everyone is ready tank opens chest and you stand there waiting for dialogue to end.
Once head is active Tank should target it, but NOT ATTACK IT.
Healer should immediate a couple heals on Tank. This grabs aggro from dragon, but since healer is LOS dragon just stares at tank and no one takes damage. If done incorrectly the roof will start to cave in and the DPS group will take about 700/3sec damage. Tank or healer has to grab aggro, usually tank will do it, but that means healer will need to pump some big heals into him immediately so he doesn't die and to regrab aggro.
Continue to pump HoTs into Tank for 2 min, till head and claw become untargetable. At this time healer should move to Tank and Tank should shout "MOVING"
Dragon will jump either left or right at this point and Tank needs to shout the direction OPPOSITE of the way the dragon moved. Example dragon hops left, tank shouts "RIGHT"
Next spot is located approx 1/4 around the circle either left or right. Think of spots at 7 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 4 o'clock. And I believe each spot is located 3 cutaways away from each other.
Continue this pattern until the DPS group has taken out all 4 paws. At this point when the dragon falls, Tank/Healer needs to move back to the original spot at 7 o'clock.
This phase will last until dragon is at approx 70% of health or around 5million.

Video here of sign to move Phase 1--Please ignore the tank attacking and the silly hobbit appearing at the end. ;)
Phase 1 Tanking Video

Phase 2 (Move Same)
Phase 2 begins with dragon saying "Scatter then, rats, hide in your maze!".
Phase 2 is nearly the same as Phase 1 with just two differences.
#1 When dragon becomes untargetable you need to pay attention as to which claw he puts on the platform. You move the SAME direction as the paw. Example if his LEFT paw steps on platfrom you shout and move "LEFT". Left paw is easy to see but sometimes Right paw is a bit difficult to see. So if you don't see any paw, it's RIGHT.
#2 Speed is of the utmost importance in moving because he summons a coinstorm this time. Coinstorm. Coinstorm slows you down does approx 700/3sec damage and leaves piles of hot gold that are death if you go the wrong direction.
Healer should pop a bubble on himself just to be sure he doesnt die from coinstorm.
This phase continues till approx 50% of health or 3.2 million.

Videos here of sign to move Phase 2--Please ignore the tank attacking. ;)
Tanking Go Left Video
Tanking Go Right Video

Phase 3 (Tank under head, healer with DPS group)
Phase 3 begins with Draigoch saying "Stand and Fight Me"
Both tank and healer will jump off platform and move to position on the floor. Healer joins DPS group at base of tail whereas tank takes position under dragon's head. Basically target head and stand in red target circle. Again DO NOT ATTACK or do ANYTHING. Just stand and face dragon.
After 2 minutes dragon will fly up, at which point everyone, including tank will run to gray spot under where base of tail was and stack up very tightly. Be careful not to run around edge where the gold is on fire. Just run right through the body.
When dragon lands, healer should cast HoT on tank and tank should run to the left (opposite of dps group) and retarget head, regaining position under head.
Repeat until dragon falls.
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