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re: Draigoch's burglar guide

Draigoch Simplified Burglar's guide

Your main job here is to start and complete 12 FMs. You will not be doing anything except Reveal Weakness during phase 1 and 2 paws cycle.
Bring westfold marbles just incase one of your FM skills fails.
Proper traiting is key to be able to land your 2 FMs in 30 seconds timeframe.
Class traits should be 5 red(your choice) and 2 yellow. Here's what I recommend in order of importance: Appraising Eye (MUST), Opportunist(MUST), Ambidextrous, Focused Eye, Cunning Wounds, Spatial Sense, Strike From Shadows.
Legendary traits should be Practiced Bluff and Sweep the Leg. 3rd is your choice. I don't recommend Exposed throat as any extra FMs can throw off the group or bug the boss.
If Burg has completed before and has all the FMs in skillset, he should be set as a Raid Assistant so that he can put up the FM guide as needed in body phase. if not, you will need to type them in chat.

FM Cycle
Here's a list of the FMs that need to be completed in order, 2 per paw cycle. I recommend having them listed on a piece of paper so that you can cross them off as you complete them.
Just a Flesh Wound RYYYYR
First Blood YYYYYR
Surgical Strike YYRRYY
A Slight Sting YRYYRY
Exposed RYRYRY
A Snail out of it's Shell YRYRYR
Deep Wound RRYRYY
A Chink in the Armor YYRYRR
The Sound of Inevitablility RRYYRR
Twisting the Dagger RYYYYR
Sudden Death RYRRYR
Stroke of Midnight RRYRRY

Phase 1 and 2
During paw cycle just relax. Stack with DPS group and use Reveal Weakness on Paw. That's it as paws are out of melee range.
Midway through 4th paw, prep for FM. If you have them in skillset, pull up skill window and click on FM to show all players which FM is up next. Keep this window up (even though it's big and annoying) until both FMs are completed and the next cycle's FM is selected. If not, have them typed in to raidchat ready for all to read.
When body is down, drop down, target body and fire off Exploit Opening. FM should go and hopefully everyone is paying attention! As soon as you get confirmation of completed FM, select the next on your list. There is a 15 or 20sec immunity from FMs designated by a shield debuff icon. Important don't pay attention to stun immunity which is a red dot, watch the shield as the two immunity lengths are different. When immunity is down to about 3 sec, fire off Improved Feint followed by Trip/Tanglefoot to start 2nd FM.
After second FM is completed mark next one and join in the DPSing, also use Reveal Weakness and Improved Counter Defense to help with dmg.
If for any reason either FM fails, immediately hit your Marbles.

Phase 3
Join in DPSing or just stand there, your job is done =)
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